as day follows night

Got this today. I’m a happy, happy girl. Although I would have been even happier with the Deluxe edition (magic ink cards, yes please!) But I’m a poor student. And I can’t remember the last time I forked out $40 for a CD (never). So I’ll just have to be content with my digital download (off topic: I could waste so much money in the iTunes store). Now my next decision is whether to buy tickets to her concert or not. Or whether to forgo Sarah Blasko for Jamie T. I’ve seen them both perform before, and they were both fantastic. You see, I have to prioritise because I forked out WAY too much money for a Parklife ticket (two years ago a first release ticket was around $70, and now it’s $140ish… SERIOUSLY? That’s in the same ball park as a Big Day Out ticket, but with not nearly as many bands!) This post could quickly turn into a huge long rant about how people suck and should give me free concert and festival tickets for the rest of my life, but instead I’ll just shut up and leave you with some ear and eye candy:

You can preview the album: here

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  1. becca. July 11, 2009

    hey sweetie,
    thankyou for commenting on my blog!
    i love the video, the illustrations are gorgeous and the album cover is really inspiring too.


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