whatever wednesdays

Today I celebrated end of exams/the semester by doing… nothing. OK, I lie, I didn’t do nothing. I went to a Body Attack class in the morning (first time in about 10 months… hilarious… I’m so uncoordinated) and then because it was such a lovely sunny day, me and a friend decided to take her hyperactive dog to the park and spend the afternoon chillin’, reading magazines and hijacking the kiddie’s playground (mainly the swings). The chillin’ plan didn’t go too well because it’s hard to laze around and read with a crazy sausage dog getting all up in your grill every five minutes (but he’s still my favourite).

Originally I had planned on spending the day sewing up a storm, making a lace frill capelet and a lace tee (I bought a whole heap of lace the other day… because for some reason Spotlight had completely run out of normal black poly cotton material), but it was just too nice a day to be indoors. I’ll have to put my sewing plans on hold until the weekend.

Hope everyone else is having a super Wednesday!


  1. steph June 17, 2009

    aww, sausage dogs are so cute! & international journalism sounds reeally interesting, im going to study politics in sept & id love to get into journalism afterwards. cant wait to see the capelet & tee:)

  2. an92 June 17, 2009

    Sounds like fun! I don't have midyears this year D: And I love the swing photo!

  3. fancy thing June 18, 2009

    steph – Especially miniature sausage dogs. You should've seen him when he was a puppy – TINY. And good luck with the politics and journalism plan!

    an92 – I took about 20 photos on the swing and that was the only one that turned out ok. I'm sure I looked like a complete loser taking photos of my feet while swinging at the same time haha

  4. brooke June 18, 2009

    hahaah, the dog is so damn cute 🙂


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