love want

I recently discovered a fanzine called ‘Love Want’ by the amazing photographer Bec Parsons and super stylist Imogene Barron.

“Love Want unites what your heart desires with what your mind craves, with endless pages of images with a subtle fashion theme. Testament to the creative union between Parsons and Barron, Love Want’s contents are whimsical yet polished, alluring but unaffected. It will tug at your heartstrings. Love Want leaves you wanting more…”

And how!

I love it, I want it.

You can sneak a peek of the zine, like I did, over at or

Love Want Fanzine Issue #1
Image Credit: here, here


  1. whensdinner June 12, 2009

    stunning! x

  2. chicknamedhermia June 12, 2009

    I totally want that disco ball jacket!

  3. i want that jacket too 😛


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