love lily live

Some camera phone photos I took at last night’s Lily Allen concert. Cassette Kids kicked off the night and did a good job of warming up the crowd. Props for the ingenuity behind their Mexican wave CD throw giveaway. Although it was basically them throwing CDs into the crowd as a Mexican wave doesn’t really have the same effect when there’s only five people in it. Anyway, back to Lily. Heart this girl. It’s the third time I’ve seen her live, but only the first at a proper venue and not at a festival. Loved it. Loved the stage setup. Love love love. I want giant letters spelling out my name and a cool candy-coloured light show to boot! Kinda bummed she didn’t play more songs off her first album (Alfie!), but that was the only real (minor) issue I had. Highlights had to be Back to the Start, Not Fair, F*ck You, and LDN. Loved my life when she finished off with Womanizer. Also loved her ‘Love’ t-shirt that she wore during the encore. As you can tell I have a major case of Lily Allen love.

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