I hate how you can see my dodgy shading job on the jacket. I could pass it off by say ing it adds ‘texture’, but really, who’s going to buy into that?

And more of the Clone Stamp tool (because sequins and sparkly things fix everything). Can’t believe I only just figured out how that thing worked. It’s still a bit dodgy as I was only using my mouse so it’s not very accurate. The main point is: I really want a graphics tablet.

Anyway, I should probably get back to studying. I’ve got some practice exams to do in preparation for my first/last/only exam of the semester, which is this evening. 5:45pm exams make me hate my life. There’s just too much time for anticipation/fretting/worrying/cramming. By the time I get to the exam I’m already completely over it. Not good.

Wish me luck!


  1. Quinn June 16, 2009

    your a lovely drawer

  2. steph June 16, 2009

    och, haud yer wheesht, as scottish people would say, as you're a supreme artist:) a loat o guid luck fer yer exam an aw' 🙂
    ..thats about all the scottish i know:)

  3. fancy thing June 17, 2009

    Quinn: thank you!

    Steph: haha, you crack me up! Thanks for that little lesson in Scottish


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