change of scenery

Hello, and welcome to my ‘new’ blog. Mainly the new domain. For those who have followed me over from merry little fancy things, thankyou! For those who just stumbled upon this blog, well I guess this post isn’t really relevant. Over the next couple of days, or maybe even weeks, I’ll be playing around with layouts etc, and will hopefully have time to make a fancy new header. Once again, if you could update your links with my new address it would be greatly appreciated. Also, when I imported my old blog, I had to start my blog roll from scratch, so if you would like to be added please comment on this post. Anyway, that’s just that little bit of housekeeping out of the way. Happy Friday everyone, hope you all have a fantastic weekend! (I know I will, because it’s my birthday tomorrow!!)

Image credit:
Lula (Spring/Summer 2009)
Photographer: Metz + Racine
Stylist: Claire Durbridge


  1. 360DegreeSneezeGuard June 26, 2009

    Love the new name!

  2. YoQueSe June 26, 2009


  3. muchlove June 26, 2009

    I love that image. You can always count on Lula for the dreamiest shots.

  4. morningelectric June 26, 2009

    like the new (blog)house, soph. thanks for the russh tip, i need to buy my copy x

  5. whensdinner June 26, 2009

    Love the new name. Mostly because it has the word owl in it. I love owls.

  6. Hannah&Sophie June 26, 2009

    yayy, following you again! i like owls and doves so you did pretty well on the name haha x

  7. thedrifterandthegypsy June 26, 2009

    cool new blog (well…even though the content is the same)! i love the lula double spread!

  8. steph June 27, 2009

    ahh!! i hope you have the best birthday ever!! 😀 love the new blog name, is it like a reference or something? if i had to put a bet on it, id bet on the dove, because..doves are cheery?:)
    hope you have a goood weekend! xx

  9. steph June 27, 2009

    (btw, im well impressed at myself being able to do the boldy writing & all. how sad!)x

  10. Emma June 27, 2009

    Happy Birthday!!
    Loved merry little fancy things, so can't wait to see what becomes of this one 😀

  11. soph June 28, 2009

    Thanks guys! Looks like I chose well for the new name haha.

    steph – It came from a Metric song (stadium love) which I've been obsessed with recently. And when i decided to change blog names it was the one that stuck. Plus I like owls too. And doves. Although I'm not sure about them fighting. I'd bet on the owl though – they're wiser.

  12. Sushi June 28, 2009

    Updated you on my blogroll. Happy birthday! x Sushi


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