white wash

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I thought I’d balance out yesterday’s ‘black’ post with a ‘white’ one today. Apparently white might be the new black (err yeah I know that phrase is pretty much redundant these days). To keep me distracted from doing assignments, I compiled a wish list of sorts, of all things white and bright. Even though I really should steer clear of the colour as I somehow always manage to spill something on myself. It’s like the colour turns me into an instant klutz.

Anyway, Top row is my “tell ’em your dreaming” list, middle row I could actually afford with a little saving/if exchange rates were better, and the last row is the relatively cheap and cheerful that I could actually afford (and not have to worry too much about spilling things on). Yay.

images via net-a-porter, style.com, la garconne, topshop, general pants, and witchery

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