to market, to market…

… to buy a new ring!

Yesterday I went and had lunch at Tempo with a friend of mine. Then went to the markets, even though they are usually pretty craptastic, because I knew that I would find an awesome market ring. I could feel it in my waters haha. Friend doubted me, but I proved her wrong. It wasn’t looking very hopeful, but of course, the last stall we looked at was rings galore. Tiger eye, turqoise, you name it, they had it. After much deliberation I ended up settling on this garnet one.

Afterwards, because it was such a lovely afternoon, we decided to prolong our adventures and have afternoon tea at Batavia. How cute are the sugar cubes they served with the tea? I heart sugar cubes. Pity I don’t take sugar with my tea. I was seriously considering it though, just for funzies.

P.S. Yes, I know I’m a bit late on a poladroid bandwagon.

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