Editorial to the left, my own sketch to the right

Loved this editorial in Tush magazine. Even attempted a little sketch. Now I’m tempted to stock up on glitter and attempt some hardcore eyebrow glittering. Although, I’m not quite sure how I would feel if I started seeing guys dolled up like this for a night on the town (even though chances of this actually occurring are highly unlikely around these parts). Maybe if they looked as good as these guys do, and if they started breaking out the Bowie impersonations…
Tush (Issue #16)
Editorial: The Venus Boys
Photographer: Nagi Sakai
Image credit: fashionisto

P.S. I’ve finished my research proposal. Last assignment of the semester. Only one exam to go and then holidays. You know what that means? Time to do the last-assignment-of-the-semester-dance! Which looks something like this:

I just really wanted to post this Anwar dancing gif. I heart Anwar. I wish they’d bring back the old cast of Skins.

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  1. steph May 31, 2009

    i really miss the old cast of skins too:( no one can beat them. love the eyebrow glittering:)


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