Jeffrey Campbell ‘Berry’ and ‘Metropolitan’ boots.

I’m currently on the hunt for something similar to these boots. I saw them on the Solestruck website but they don’t have my size. And Urban Outfitters usually stock Jeffrey Campbell (right?) but they don’t ship to Australia. Plus I’m too lazy/dumb for parcel forwarding. Plus the exchange rate is craptastic. So I have to find something like this… IN AUSTRALIA. This is not going to be fun.


  1. thegoclubb April 28, 2009

    its similar to oxfords ain't it? i gt an oxfords from melbourne.

  2. fancy thing April 28, 2009

    Yeah pretty similar, but more of an ankle boot rather than a normal shoe… if that makes sense? I've found some in black… but I'm picky and want brown. And I'm in Brisbane so we have pretty limited stuff to choose from, compared to Melbourne haha.


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