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More from RAFW.
Alpha 60
Loved the detail and texture of the clothes. The dolls-head accessories freaked me out though… which is why I didn’t include any here.


Liked the spacey print stuff. Hated the flower things on the shoes e.g. pic 4.

Kate Sylvester

Didn’t get the strap things e.g. pic 5… they looked like those straps you secure backpacks with? Maybe they’re very stylish backpackers?

Kirrily Johnston

I’m a sucker for the draping and the flesh coloured outfits. Not sure about the gladiator/bandage type man sandals though.


photo credit: vogue.com.au

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  1. Emz April 29, 2009

    I really like the second and third collections =) They're all very simple cut but look very nice!


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