belated v fest

These are a few of my Holga photos from V Fest. There were hardly any good shots on the roll, which was slightly disappointing. The day, however, was pretty wonderful (despite getting rained out towards the end). V Fest is fast becoming one of my favourite festivals. Unlike other festivals where I am constantly running between stages, the atmosphere at Avica Resort was far more relaxed. For a lot of the acts, I found myself sitting on the hill, enjoying large doses of live music and people watching.

The Other Stage, also known as my favourite stage (Tame Impala, The Dø, M83, The Kills… I basically lived at this stage).

Either learn how to use a bin, OR EAT ALL OF YOUR FOOD.

Duffy. With her identical back up singers. Got boring after about half an hour into the set. Plus standing around in the hot sun didn’t help either.

Evening crowd shot. And then my flash died. Bum.

I also have some photos from my Supersampler which are much more exciting. They’re from the beach (last of summer). I’ll post them in the coming days. Oh, the suspense.

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