Semester one classes start tomorrow, so in an ode to all things education I decided I would post some school-inspired outfits. I haven’t worn a school uniform since 2004, and my university dress code basically involves jeans and tees, but I do like the idea of clean lines and tailoring when it comes to constructing an outfit (key word being idea, I can never actually achieve that kind of look). Below are a few of my favourite school-inspired looks of late:

(remember the days of the old schoolyard)

Lover ‘Sacred Hearts College’ A/W 09

Karen Walker ‘The Believers’ S/S 09

Sretsis ‘School of Rebellious Sweethearts’ A/W 09

And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without some Gossip Girl action

Blair Waldorf rocks the uniform like no other.

Photo credit: Lover, KarenWalker, blairandchuck.com & google


  1. Erin March 2, 2009

    Karen Walker does school so well! Great post. Thanks for the link to that editorial too!

  2. thedrifterandthegypsy March 3, 2009

    i love all these photos. the first one is very nice, too, with all the vintage-y looking items.
    and yes, indeed, blair waldorf is amazing. her uniform looks like some outfit to a fancy restaurant.


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