I’m going to a Neverland themed birthday party tonight. Basically, said birthday girl never wants to grow up.

However, we all know that all children, except one, grow up (Peter Pan).

I’m going to go as John. I was considering going as Tiger Lily, but really, when else am I going to get the chance to wear a nightie and top hat to a party?

Some stills from the 2003 movie:

And then there’s the original 1953 version:

But my favourite is of course, the book:
These are the Arthur Rackham illustrations from Peter Pan.
The second one (Fairies in Kensington Garden) is the cover on my version of the book.

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  1. thedrifterandthegypsy February 7, 2009

    oh great idea, my dear! i was actually just thinking of an idea for a new post (since i haven't done one in sooo long-its been a real busy week for me-and your idea is perfect! thanks so much!


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