laneway festival

On Saturday I attended St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

I wore: Vest from DFO, Supre dress, Wittner sandals, assorted bangles.


Still’ Flyin.

Yves Klein Blue


Trying to predict the weather

Born Ruffians

Port O’Brien + crowd

Cut Off Your Hands (it totally makes sense that the lead singer was in the crowd and the crowd was on stage…)

Architecture in Helsinki

Girl Talk

  • No queues.
  • Zooper Doopers.
  • The massive dance-fest at Still Flyin’. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, do not pass it up. Possibly one of the funnest bands you’ll ever see.
  • Vodka cranberries (last drink I thought they’d be selling at a festival).
  • Dancing to Architecture in Helsinki + the massive sing-a-long when they covered Break My Stride.
  • The fact that nearly every set involved the crowd climbing up on stage.

  • The two girls who were dancing on the decks during Girl Talk + the guy that tried turning it into soft core porn. No, despite the theory that ‘sex sells’, I did not want to see that. But on a lighter note, the chick wearing the I’m Not a DJ shirt was freakin’ awesome. Massive props to her and her mad dancing skillz.

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