sunset sounds

Possibly the best start to the festival season.

Day 1

Day 2

(Yes, I blurred out people’s faces in the background. Respect.)

  • Good music, good friends, good times.
  • Soko’s tiger hat. Mainly Soko just being crazy and French.
  • Dancing to The Kooks, with all my girl friends.
  • Moshing to The Hives, up close to the barrier.
  • The ‘bullshit’ chant that started when the sound cut out during The Hives set.
  • Breaking it down to Santogold.
  • Pre-drinks and parties at our apartment.
  • Staying in an apartment only a few streets away from the venue.
  • That apartment building being the ‘official’ accommodation for the tour.
  • Telling one of the Dap Kings that the after party was on level 18 (ours).
  • Meeting some guy from Tegan & Sara’s band in the elevator.
  • Making awkward conversation with Gomez while waiting for the elevator.
  • Staying in the same hotel as The Kooks.


  • Staying in the same hotel as The Kooks but not meeting them.
  • The huge line on the first day to get in, resulting in us missing Yves Klein Blue’s set, and only catching the end of Soko’s.
  • $9 spirits and $6 beers.
  • Bar staff taking away the lids on bottled water (seriously?).
  • The massively long drink lines.
  • Dodgy midnight Maccas.

Possibly more photos to come, once I steal them off of friends 😀

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