big day out wrap up

It was OK.
Unless there are some rather impressive acts, I doubt I’ll be going next year.

I forgot my ticket. This is what my dad had to say about that. Luckily my friend picked it up on her way down the next day.

The Grates. It was probably the 1987493257349th time I’ve seen them but they’re always good value.

The closest we got to Lupe. Sigh. Boiler Room was insanely packed.

Simian Mobile Disco. ish. My camera is horrible, I know. Or I just take bad photos.


  • Dancing like there’s no tomorrow at Black Kids.
  • Finally getting to see Lupe Fiasco.
  • Going insane to Simian Mobile Disco.
  • Eating hot chips while watching Hot Chip.
  • The guy climbing the Boiler Room tent during Pee Wee Ferris.


  • The high levels of douchey-ness.
  • Losing my friends in the mass exodus after The Ting Tings.
  • Three of the main acts I wanted to see overlapping each other (TV on the Radio, Black Kids, and Lupe Fiasco). It was a logistical nightmare.
  • Only getting to see half of Black Kids set.
  • Only getting to see half of TVOTR.
  • Watching Lupe on the big screen because the Boiler Room was so packed.
  • The long queues for just about everything (it’s expected, but still annoying nonetheless).
  • People getting aggressive towards the end of the night (probably also comes under ‘high levels of douchey-ness’).
  • Finding drink tickets in my bag the next day.

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