I’m playing catch ups with my weekend posts.
We have this pile of clothes in the spare room that consists of clothes that no one wears, but no one seems to want to get rid of. Even if we did donate them to Lifeline etc, they probably wouldn’t be doing anyone any favours. I was going through this pile on Sunday and came across this Hawaiian-ish type shirt. It’s ridiculous. I think it used to belong to my mum, during the 90s, hopefully picked up on vacation somewhere. I don’t even want to begin to imagine what was going through her head if it was bought for everyday wear. But then again, it was the 90s. I was playing around with it, but when I paired it with my AA melange skirt I was like ‘hey, it kind of looks alright‘ … in a weird, if I was tourist holidaying on a tropical island back in the 50s kind of way.


  1. Betsey December 22, 2008

    ahh i really love this! nice find with the shirt!

  2. the maisies December 28, 2008

    i actually really like this shirt!
    you have styled it well.xo

    /maisie #1


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