it came in the mail…

…before Christmas!!
My strawberrynet order came on Saturday, which is kind of weird because I didn’t think they delivered on weekends/I’ve never received packages on a Saturday before. This is just what I ordered: Lancome Hypnose mascara, some Lancome lipsticks, and a Clinique lip liner (I’m starting to get into this whole wearing lipstick thing).

I also had two 21sts to go to that night. I ended up borrowing a dress from my friend. I was really rushed all Saturday, and the first 21st started at 4pm so I had limited time to get ready.

I only ended up taking 15 or so photos with my Holga, fingers crossed they turn out alright. I have another film waiting to get developed, but I’m going to wait until I get this one finished so I can get them all put on the one CD.

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