hair, hair, everywhere

Sometimes I feel like I have as much hair as in the above photos, but it’s never anywhere near as tame. Maybe I should invest in a truck load of hairspray.

Photos are from the February ’08 issue of Italian Muse, and were shot by David Vasiljevic.

source: here


  1. thedrifterandthegypsy December 12, 2008

    haha…i feel your pain. my hair is naturally wavy, but not the nice, soft wavy kind-the frizzy kind. which means, every time i wanna wear my hair wavy and not straighten it, i have to overload it with mouse and styling gel and other stuff…i kinda don't like the gel though because sometimes it makes my hair feel hard….oh well…i do love the look of big hair when its in a photo shoot. have you seen the ads of sebastian hair products with cory kennedy? absolutely gorgeous. i love that girl!

  2. Miss Karen December 12, 2008

    Hehe sometimes I wish I had that much hair – my hair is pretty thick but I keep seeing long-haired girls everywhere and the envy just keeps rising!

  3. fancy thing December 19, 2008

    Micaela – Yep, I've seen the ads. It's pretty dramatic considering she's usuall got the messy, unwashed, unbrushed thing going on with her hair. I guess their products really do work then haha.

    Miss Karen – I have short-hair envy! But every time I cut my hair short I end up with long-hair envy again! The grass is always greener…


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