trick or treat

This is what I wore yesterday. I always envisaged Halloween as a black + purple occasion. I should have probably thrown something orange on to complete the look. On a side note, strapless bras and high-waisted skirts are a bad, bad combination.

There is no Halloween costume to accompany this post because (as much as I love dressing up) a) there was no costume party to go to, and b) I needed to study and do assignments. So until next Saturday, I will be hermit woman. Which is a week earlier than I had thought. Score! It’s a good thing I actually checked my exam timetable otherwise I would have missed my exam by a week.

Meanwhile, has anyone seen Burn After Reading? I saw this last night (OK, so I suck at being a hermit) and I spent the whole two hours or so wondering what the point of the movie was? When the movie finished, there were a few seconds where I just sat there thinking huh? Did anyone else not ‘get it’? Like, I followed the plot and I ‘got’ what was happening, but the overall meaning was lost on me. Was there some big metaphor that I was just too dumb to comprehend? Am I even making sense? Sigh. Moral of the story is: never let me pick the movie.

Also, *pinch and a punch for the first of the month, white rabbit, no returns* Yes, the rabbit makes a comeback. I really should give credit to whoever made him, but I found it on google and… yeah.

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