time flies

These shorts were yet another find in mum’s pile of old clothes. They used to be trousers, but they were too short on me so I chopped them up. I’m wearing them with a Country Road slouchy tee, Tie Rack scarf, and Wittner shoes. I was going to tie the scarf loosely around my neck, but decided that it looked a bit too boy scout-y, so used it as a belt instead.

I’m off to my old high school this evening to see my Grade 8 ‘buddies’ (now Grade 12) graduate. It’ll be nice to see them all grown up and glammed up in their formal gear. Oh how time flies. In honour of this moment I’ve decided to include a picture of me at my formal:

I still don’t regret the choice of dress so that’s a good sign. The only thing I regret about the following photo is not checking that my fringe was intact before it was taken… but it was the only (good) full length photo I have from that night. Le sigh.

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  1. diamondsinchampagne November 20, 2008

    Firstly love how you put a scarf through the belt loops, very nice and feminine look.
    Omg your formal dress was gorgeous!!!


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