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I just discovered this editorial from the December issue of UK Vogue, photographed by Tim Walker. I absolutely adore it. Amazing. There’s a whimsical quality about these photos that make me want to dress up in tulle, have a pretend tea party, and re-read all my most loved childhood books.

These are the kind of editorials that I enjoy: something that stirs the imagination, rather than those that you glance at, think ‘oh that’s nice’ and forget about soon after. Extra points for the fact that they’ve included Dev Hynes in the mix – kind of random, but he still adds just the right amount of kookiness. Above are my favourite photos (I only omitted a few).

Photo source: here and here

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  1. thedrifterandthegypsy November 27, 2008

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I created one just yesterday so you should check it out! Thanks!


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