black and gold black and gold

This is the best outfit picture that I have from the black & gold party. I was twirling. Don’t knock it. You should try it some time. Everyone was basically wearing black outfits with gold accessories. Except the birthday girl who was wearing this amazing pale gold dress. It was actually a black & gold ‘Hollywood Glamour’ party. Luckily I re-read the invite that afternoon and picked up on this little tid-bit of information… otherwise, you know, I could have totally embarrassed myself by turning up in a gold lamé bodysuit (don’t be stupid, I don’t actually own one. But how HILARIOUS would it be if I did?) Back on topic – I wore a black Barkins dress, gold bow headband, and gold strappy flat sandals. The dress was originally mid-calf length and blah, but I hemmed it and that just made a world of difference. It’s halterneck-ish (the straps crossover at the back), with a bit of a sweet-heart neckline and has a full swishy skirt. It’s heaps of fun. Hence the twirling.


  1. Sarah Von November 14, 2008

    How much fun are you having?! So.damn.cute.

  2. Marina November 14, 2008

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