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What better day to start planning my Summer Onslaught than the most rainiest, miserable day I’ve experienced in ages? It’s been raining buckets! I actually woke up to the sound of rain. And more rain. And nothing BUT rain. It was so loud it was drowning out any other noise in the house this morning. But apparently it didn’t rain over the catchments so bah we’re still in a drought. But I digress. Back to summer awesomeness and such.

Part One of my Summer Onslaught: Summer Festivals! Tick. I’ve got tickets to Sunset Sounds and Big Day Out. That’s that sorted (it also means that I am currently Le Poor, and my credit card hates me).

Part Two: The perfect swimwear. The past few years I haven’t really found a swimsuit/bikini that I absolutely loved, it’s always been a ‘that one will make do’ kind of situation. But not this summer. This summer I plan to find the most awesome-est bikini/one-piece in the world (or thereabouts). Actually, I think I have found it, but I refuse to shell out $180 odd for it. Massive sigh.

My holy grail swimsuit:

Maybe Santa will get it for me for Christmas? *fingers crossed*

In search of more affordable swimwear, I checked out Below are my picks:

I actually saw a girl wearing the Tigerlily stripey/button bikini when I went to the beach the other week. It’s as super cute in real life as it is on screen. However, at $150, I think I’ll pass. I don’t pay more than $100 for my swimwear. I’d never want to wear it in the surf if did. So that automatically rules out both Tigerlily bikinis and the Nookie Beach floral number from the selection above. Luckily, the Nookie Beach spots and stripes bikini comes in at $99.95!

During my internet travels I came across, where I found this super cute bikini:
It fulfills my criteria of frills AND floral. Although I’m still undecided about whether I actually like the print, or if I just find it fascinating in that ‘it’s-kind-of-ugly’ way. Anyway, it’s the ‘Kiki Dee’ style by 2chillies and there are a range of separates to choose from (frilled triangle tops, halter neck tops, bandeau tops, frilled bikini bottoms, rouched bikini bottoms, frilled side-tie pant… you get the picture). The good news is that any combination of these separates will cost little more than $70. I think I’ve found a winner.

Part Three of my Summer Onslaught: I’ll get to that when I actually think of a Part Three. I don’t actually know how many parts there are to my Summer Onslaught. I probably should have figured that out before I started writing this post.

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