stealth cupcake

Yesterday I had to go to uni (even though I’m on holidays… LAME!) for a group meeting for an assignment. The best part of my day was this cupcake. Which had to be snuck into the library and then stealthily eaten because of the whole no food rule. Yes, that’s right I’m a rule breaker. REBEL! It was the most delicious cupcake in the whole entire world (or thereabouts). Which is why I thought it was so deserving of a blog post.


  1. Blogette October 3, 2008

    Hehe so cute. I'm really lucky, our library has a cafe in our info common so I'm always eating in there.

  2. fancy thing October 4, 2008

    Nice. There's actually a cafe that's half inside and half outside of one of the entrances to the library but I was on the opposite side and up too many levels haha.


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