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Last night I went out clubbing for a friend’s birthday. I didn’t really feel like dressing, but didn’t want to wear something bland either. Which is where this outrageous animal print ensemble comes in. It’s one of my mum’s shirts, probably from the 80s. She’s overseas at the moment so I have free range over her entire wardrobe. When I found this shirt I burst out laughing. Eventually I decided that on a scale of one to so-fugly-that-it’s-ridiculously-awesome, it might just work… with some minor adjustments made to the sleeves, otherwise it would’ve looked like I had the shoulders of a gridiron player.

My friend had this zebra print clutch which was pretty nifty.

I heart French martinis. Plus the rad bartender who made pretty patterns on all our drinks. She was awesome.

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  1. WendyB October 30, 2008

    Animal prints are always right, IMO.


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