monday funday

Today I wore an AA tee, tucked into a thrifted skirt (shortened), vintage-ish Oroton bag, Mooloola sandals, and Diva ring. There wasn’t really anything fun about this Monday, so there’s no real reason for it to be the title of this post, other than I just felt like it.

In other news, I seriously cannot wait for this semester to be over. I’ve reached my limit. I’m counting down the days (26!) till I can just switch off for three months. In order to get me through the next 26 days, I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I’m looking forward to this Summer:

  1. Melbourne Cup Day (OK so technically it’s still in Spring, and I’ll still be at uni, but my friend turns 21 on this day and we’ve got some major partying planned). And I can’t wait to plan my outfit. I’ll probably post something about it next week.
  2. Lazy beach days. Hopefully. My beach season last Summer was pretty much non-existent.
  3. MGMT! I’m expecting big things from this concert. Let’s hope the crowd isn’t full of wankers (a la Klaxons).
  4. Having money. Which will equal lots more adventures and things to blog about.
  5. The last round of 21sts for the year. I can count at least five off the top of my head. Hopefully that means five opportunities to dress up in costume.
  6. Christmas. No explanation for this one.
  7. New Years. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaarttttaayyyyy.
  8. Holiday reading. Possibly some semi-intelligent books. I need to grow some brain cells after finishing the drivel that was the Twilight series. I should have trusted my gut and given up after the first book, but alas, I put up with Stephenie Meyer’s poor writing because I really wanted to know how it all ended. Lame.
  9. Sunset Sounds. The first of the summer festivals. Kooks. Hives. Franz. Santogold. It’s love.
  10. Big Day Out. If the second line-up is good enough. Even if it isn’t, I’ll probably still end up going.
  11. Laneway Festival. If I get tickets.
  12. Painting my room. And general make-over of said room. I’ve had ‘Citrus Lime’ walls for the past 6 years. It’s time for a change. And a less epileptic-fit-inducing palette.
  13. Actually learning how to use my camera. I’ve had it for three and a bit months now and I still haven’t read the instruction booklet. Whoops.
  14. Experimenting with my Lomos. (Side note: I’m nearly finished my first film from my Holga, there were a few cloudy days last week so I didn’t get to use it as much as I had anticipated).

I think I’ll stop the list there, as I should probably be investing this energy into finishing my assignments. What’s everyone else looking forward to this Summer? Or Winter for those in the Northern Hemisphere?

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