wishing for: the costume institute

GoMA has just announced that next year it will be holding an exhibition containing a whole bunch of Impressionist and Realist works from The Met. It will be the only venue in the world to show the exhibition. Excitement plus! When I first heard that they were going to have an exhibition with art works from The Met I secretly hoped that they would showcase some of the stuff from The Costume Institute, but alas it was not to be. But seriously, GoMA was probably the best thing to have ever happened to this city.
And here is some fanciness from The Costume Institute, because I won’t get to see these until I actually go to New York:

Yves Saint Laurent

Alexander McQueen

Edward Molyneux

“The Souper Dress”

Yohji Yamamoto

House of Lanvin

Maison LĂ©oty

House of Dior

British suit, circa 1760

And my favourite so far:

Paul Poiret

Photo source: The Costume Institute

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