i love lomo

Holga shots:

This was probably the best out of them all.

Double exposure wooaaaaaaaaaahhh

My first ever bicycle. It’s like 15 years old or something now.

Huge mofo silos/tank things. I took this photo from inside my car while I was stopped at the lights. I felt way dodgy taking this photo, for fear that someone who was being “alert, not alarmed” was going to spot me and report me as a possible terrorist suspect. Yeah, my imagination gets the better of me sometimes.

This is the first shot taken on the film, so it’s dodgy. But I still like it.

Saw this horse. It looked sad. It had a wonky back leg, although you can’t see it in this picture. At first my friend was like “Oh it’s posing for the camera,” then we realised that it just had a wonky back leg.


  1. Blogette October 23, 2008

    Gorgeous gorgeous pictures. What sort of film do you use? They've turned out beautifully!

  2. fancy thing October 23, 2008

    Thanks blogette! As for film, I used a Fujifilm 200 ISO.

  3. IRIS and PIETER October 26, 2008

    wow great!
    the first shot is amazing.
    holga is so lovely.


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