online shopping is my friend

Hmm… so I wandered on to the other day and came across these Opening Ceremony sandals. I’ve been lemming these for a while, and have been looking at them on shopbop and revolve as well. They only had my size left, and they were 55USD down from $279. Ka-ching! Then I had a bit of a gander and ended up adding some sunnies (Rayban Clubmaster knock offs), a funky little ring and a bunch of anatomicals stuff to my shopping cart. Admittedly, I only bought the anatomicals stuff because they make me giggle on the inside. Yeah, I’m lame like that.

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  1. Zarebski January 12, 2009

    Shopping online is attractive for many reasons. Its not all about comfort. It also saves a huge amount of your hard earned money and precious time.


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