it's so hot, jeans were a bad choice…

… which is why I ended up changing into shorts

Today was so hotttt. I was originally wearing jeans, but after a few minutes decided that was crazy and that it was shorts-wearing season. I had the day off today and spent most of the morning finishing off an assignment (I really need to start being more organised) and then went to hand it in. Oh, the drive killed me. Gahh for my car not having air conditioning. Maybe the knitted vest wasn’t the best idea, but oh well.

Wearing: Country Road black tee, Valley girl knit vest, old denim shorts, Asos shoes and sunnies, and an old Oroton bag ‘borrowed’ from my mum’s wardrobe. And by borrowed I mean it’s mine now. I love the shape and the structured-ness of it. However, because it’s so ‘structured’ I can only fit the bare necessities in. Just my phone, keys, cards and coinage.

I took the first photo in one corner of our backyard, where everything’s starting to get a bit overgrown and unkempt. It reminds me of those kind of magical garden types that you read about in kid’s books. All it needs is some old teapots with flowers growing out of them and maybe crazy beaded chimes hanging from trees and we’re all set.

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