Had a bit of a shop on the way home today. I’ve been after a khaki, army-ish kind of jacket for a while (it’s a different colour in real life, cameras are lame), so when I saw this one in cotton on, I was like ka-ching! It’s pretty light so I’ll probably use it as a casual summer cover up, and it should come in handy for camping trips etc. As for the skirt, well, it was all about the zippers. I think they’re pretty nifty. I’ve also made a mental note to stop buying floral. Also, having size 10 feet, I very rarely come across shoes on sale IN MY SIZE (that I actually like) so when I saw these I was very happy indeed. They were marked $50 but scanned in at $29.95, yippee! All in all I think it was a pretty successful shopping trip.

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