i heart: lazy days at the beach

… I also heart sno-cones at the beach.

Today was perfect beach weather, so a few of us girls headed up the coast to enjoy the sunshine and start off the beach season. Surprisingly, four of us had the day off (a verrrrry rare occurrence these days) so it was nice to have a day to catch up on the goss and lie around and soak some rays. The conditions were perfect – bright blue skies; crisp, clean waves that were just the right amount of wavy (ie. not the ones that crash down on you with so much force you’re afraid you’ll lose your bikini in the frenzy); and temperatures that weren’t too blistering hot. Plus there was a sno-cone vendor driving around on the beach, which was very convenient. Now, my outfit for the day was pretty simple – AA deep v, over a black and white stripey bikini, and denim shorts. But I do heart my beach hat. I didn’t get to wear it enough last summer, so I decided I’d show it some love early on in the season. It’s a bondi beach co hat that I got on sale at myer. It was originally $50ish but I got it for $12. Score!

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  1. chnch September 29, 2008

    great find! it looks wonderful!:D you could definitely use it if you visit the beach again:D


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