a day for picasso

Outfit for the day was blah blah pretty boring, bar the headscarf and my NEW SHOES! Oh, how I love them so.

After I had uni in the morning, I met up with my parents to see Picasso & His Collection at GoMA. It worked out quite brilliantly because this meant I managed to score a lift home as well… no public transport for me, hurrah! I was given two tickets to the exhibition for my birthday, but hadn’t got around to using them. Seeing as the tickets were ‘adult’ fare and I still counted as ‘concession’, I decided to give those tickets to my parents (scoring favourite-child points in the process) and then purchased my ticket at a concession fare. Plus my ticket was prettier than the original qtix ones. Afterwards we wandered over to see the Sidney Nolan retrospective at the normal Art Gallery. I think I enjoyed that as much as, possibly even more than, the Picasso exhibition.

Dad ended up buying a book containing all the works that were displayed at the exhibition.

Below are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection (none of them are actually by Picasso)

‘Les oiseaux chantent avec les doigts’ (‘Birds sing with their fingers’) – Guillaume Apollinaire

‘La Californie’ – Jacques Prévert

Collage of cardboard, paper and photograph on an envelope.

Letter – Roland Penrose
I love this because it looks like some kind of cute marsupial, but on closer inspection you can see it’s a collage of images of the Colosseum.


  1. Blogette September 11, 2008

    Oh I am so jealous. It sucks being stuck in suburbia without awesome places like GoMA to go and see Picasso exhibits and the like.
    The opening ceremony sandals look so lovely!

  2. Miss Karen September 11, 2008

    I so badly wanted to go see this but I couldn't get my act together to get to the GoMA and just like the Warhol, I missed out yet again!

    I love your sandals too!

  3. Betsey September 14, 2008

    lovely post! i love everything about your outfit. and the exhibit sounds so nice! im jealous!


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