softly does it

My tripod broke *sad face* Here I’m wearing a CR eyelet top, Myer cardigan, Lee jeans (out of picture), and old Oroton bag. I’m not sure whether I can call the bag ‘vintage’ or not. I’m pretty sure it was purchased in the early 90s, but then again, the term ‘vintage’ is thrown around so much these days that it probably doesn’t even matter. The top is all drapey and soft and kind of reminds me of a curtain (in a good way). It is a bit hard to wear though. It’s a bit long and sometimes makes me look pregnant, so I usually tuck it into a high waisted skirt, but then sometimes it looks crap tucked in and other times it looks fine. I think I’m starting to ramble, but the main gist is that the top is a bit temperamental, if you can call a top that.

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