So I’m having computer troubles again, and have to use my dad’s laptop. I basically own this thing now. It’s pretty bad timing seeing as I have assignments left, right and centre. All my lecture notes, readings etc are gone so now I have to download that stuff all over again. Such a waste of precious, precious broadband. Oh and my iTunes! How I miss it so. Possibly the most heartbreaking thing of all. Yep, I’m lame like that (let’s blame it on the whole GenY thing).

Meanwhile, instead of doing assignments, I’ve been looking up all the bands coming to Australia in the near future. Oh I’m going to be poor poor poor. Supergrass, We Are Scientists, The Futureheads, MGMT… Worst thing is, all the tickets go on sale within days of each other… sigghhhhh. My credit card is going to hate me.

Anyway, I should probably go back to doing assignments… which also means watching the Olympic swimming… that Michael Phelps is a freak of nature! It’s amazing!

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