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Last night I went to a film festival with a few friends. I wore my Yeojin Bae for Target cut-out dress, Sportsgirl leather jacket, vintage belt, black opaques and black flats. I’ve only worn this dress a handful of times, and haven’t worn it for a while, so I decided it was high time I wore it again.

We saw a film called Three Blind Mice, starring and directed by Matthew Newton. As it turns out, Newton and fellow cast-member/editor Gracie Otto were actually present at the screening. After the film there was a Q&A session which was kind of awkward because, as my friends and I discussed afterwards, it kind of felt as if we were at uni and had entered a Film and TV lecture by mistake. Accompanying the main film was a short entitled Edgar and Elizabeth, which was a bit of a quirky love story. This short film was definitely the highlight of the screening.

After the film, we made a short trek to a club where we pretended to be painfully hip, and danced to the likes of Interpol (yes, it is possible), The Strokes (there’s nothing quite like being in a room full of indie kids when a Strokes song starts playing), Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Grates and Vampire Weekend. My night was definitely made when My Drive Thru started playing. Why oh why can’t more clubs play music like this? Sigh. Eventually we left and ended up at a bar playing “retro” music, which in my opinion, wasn’t retro at all. Since when was Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and Hanson considered “retro”? Nevertheless, it was quite entertaining being on the dancefloor when these songs came on and realising that you, and everyone around you, could still remember the lyrics to each song. The music seemed to become more and more disgraceful, so we hot-footed it out of there. We ended up going to a few more clubs before making it home by a respectable 3am.

PS. My fringe needs a trim.


  1. Blogette August 10, 2008

    Love this outfit so much!!! Argh I want one of those YB dresses so bad! Loving the Sportsgirl jacket too! Ah lemmings!

  2. Skye August 10, 2008

    I like the fringe (but then I'm a long fringed person myself) and the dress looks very cute on you.

    That Newton/Otto couple are just plain icky though, and shouldn't be encouraged!

  3. fancy thing August 11, 2008

    thanks for the comments!

    blogette – I had a friend who worked at target who basically rang me up as soon as the dresses went on sale. ka-ching! I was really hesitant paying the RRP price, thank goodness, especially seeing how much they were reduced by.

    skye – yeah, Newton loved the Q&A, it was basically an opportunity for him to talk… and talk… and talk.. and talk… Lucky the short film had nothing to do with either of them, maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much lol


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