black & blue & dolly

Today I had a day off, but most of it was spent finishing assignments, handing in assignments and researching for other assignments. Not fun. I have two due on Friday (which I haven’t started yet – cue freak out) and they are probably going to occupy all my waking hours until then. Luckily the Olympics are over so I might actually get some work done for a change.

I’m wearing a Country Road oversized t-shirt with sass & bide misfits. I went with the bummy uni student footwear of choice – havaianas. It was so hot today I almost regretted wearing jeans but then it got cooler and cloudy so it all worked out in the end. The only exciting part of my outfit is my kooky little necklace. It was part of a very belated birthday present from my friend, who makes her own jewellery. She also made the ring in my previous post. I desperately want a red and white stripey dress like the one my little doll necklace is wearing!

On Wednesday I’m getting a haircut but have no idea what I should get done! I’m tempted to go short again, but this is the longest my hair has been in ages (this time last year it was just a bit shorter than chin length). I also set a goal for long, wavy hair this summer, but I’m pretty sure once it gets hot and sweaty I’ll be tempted to chop it all off anyway. Maybe I’ll leave it till then? Ahh decisions, decisions.

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  1. Kriston August 25, 2008

    Noooo! But your hair is beautiful! Don't! Cut! It!

    Just kidding! Go for it. 😀

    And the necklace is incredibly cute.



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