thankyou, australia post

Be ready for a mini rant. I received this in the mail today. An apparent second reminder to pick up some registered mail. However, I never received a first. Now, if this was the first time this had happened, I probably wouldn’t really be so annoyed by it. But this has happened three or four times now. Apparently dad found a blank reminder like this on the driveway last week. But blank = no deal.
I guess you could just look at this and be like “better late than never”. In the end, I still got my tickets, albeit a lot later than I had expected. Actually, I lie, I wasn’t expecting them at all. I totally forgot that I had bought them. But it’s just the principle of it all. I know I never received the first notice to pick them up. It’s not like I lost it or dropped it or possums stole it from the letterbox. More so, what are the chances of that happening on multiple occasions? Things like this annoy me. All of a sudden, it’s as if it’s my fault that I haven’t picked up my mail and now they have to chase me up.

I had planned on being assertive and bringing it up with the lady at the post office, but at the last minute I decided not to because she scares me (oh, I’m a mature one). She probably thinks that I’m just that irresponsible girl that never picks up her mail. So I just signed for my tickets and left. Reading back over this now, I don’t know if I’m just being petty or if I have a legitimate excuse to be annoyed. I guess at the end of the day, I have my Cold War Kids tickets in my hands, and I should just be happy about that.


  1. karen July 21, 2008

    They used to do this to my brother all the time, except he'd get a phone call saying that they'd sent him a bunch of remindeds which he never got.

    The wierd thing is I get parcels also sent to the same address and I've never had to pick them up. I swear the Aus Post staff are screwing people around.

  2. lollyinthesky July 25, 2008

    Thoroughly legitimate reason! Australia Post and I have a…mostly hate-hate relationship. They deliver when they like to who they like…even if it's not the right address, haha. Good to know someone else has the same angsty feelings toward Aus Post!!

  3. Esta July 28, 2008

    its not the lady at the PO though who can do much about itt – its the delivery guy and some of them have real attitude. Currently my mailman, however, sings as he delivers – what a happy chappy! I would ring the AusPost head office of your area and enquire about the correct procedure for notification of registered mail and then let them know of your difficulties.


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