Wore this to a friend’s 21st. It was at a bowls club so I didn’t want to go too OTT. The shirt was found in my mum’s wardrobe – one of her work shirts from the 80s. You can’t really tell from the pictures but it’s got some cool ruffles down the front. It is a bit see through though, and after taking these photos I added a grey singlet underneath. Also wearing old, faded sass & bide misfits (really need to get new black jeans but meh) and shoes which I bought on sale from myer, and I used a gift card to buy them so yay for free shoes.


  1. Hannah July 30, 2008

    this is so cute.
    i wish my mother had worked in the 80s, then i would be able to nick her old work shirts. alas, she was full time mothering me and being a student, ergo i have to rummage in op shops for shirts instead.
    i was thinking of buying those shoes at myer over the weeken – are they comfy?

  2. fancy thing July 31, 2008

    trust me, along with the wearable 80s clothing there are some horrendous outfits… namely, SHOULDER PADS!

    and the shoes – fairly comfy, I spent the whole night on my feet and they only started to hurt towards the end of the night. Which in my books is pretty good considering I'm not much of a heels person.


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