military jacket

Jacket: Valleygirl | Tank dress: CR | Tights: Levante | Shoes: Scooter | Bag: Vintage

Here I’m wearing another cheapo valleygirl find – the jacket, which I picked up at the same time as the vest a few posts down. On the rack it looked a bit dodgy but I was like hey, I’ll try it and see how it goes. The buttons are a bit tacky and I’m still on the lookout for nicer gold buttons to replace them with. Oh, and the tree background again – it’s just a nice place in the mornings to take photos XD


  1. dililah July 5, 2008

    you look adorable, yet righteous, in a 80s working woman way. nice find.

    p.s do you use a tripod? or do you have someone taking pics for you? i havent figured out how to take full length photos of myself BY MYSELF yet 🙁

  2. fancy thing July 5, 2008

    thanks dililah!

    yep, i use a tripod. it's pretty handy. for out and about shots i'd probably have to get a friend to take the photo… but i know what you mean, i'm a bit hesitant in case the conversation goes something like this: "can you take a full length photo of me?" "what for?" "my blog" *awkward silence*


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