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It’s all in the details…

My friend bought me this brooch a few years ago. I haven’t worn it a lot, the latch is a bit loose and I’m scared of it falling off, but today it was sparkling on my dressing table and was just screaming to be worn.

I know nearly every second person owns these Scooter shoes, but I still love the brogue detailing on them.


  1. kittentails July 25, 2008

    Both things I would def wear! The brooch goes well with your mauve cardi! & I haven't seen those brogue-y shoes but I HAVE been away, and now I want them:) x

  2. Millie July 28, 2008

    what a beautiful brooch !, i'm going through a bit of a brooch phase at the moment 🙂 i'm using them to dress up my vintage blazer, makes it a little more girly

  3. Hannah July 30, 2008

    gorgeous brooch. it's such a nice contrast to that lilac knit.
    i don't think you should care if every second person has those flats, they are gorgeous!


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