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Initially, I intended for this to be a full ‘What I’m Wearing Today’ post. But I kind of chickened out. So you only get half of my outfit. To be honest, the only interesting thing was the scarf. All I did today was go to the gym, lounge around the house and go to the library to stock up on some books to read at my leisure (ah the joys of holidays) so I didn’t really put much effort into an outfit.

The scarf is from Tie Rack. I bought it because it reminded me of a scarf my mum used to own (it disappeared a long, long time ago). The vest is from Valleygirl, surprisingly. It was cheap. I liked it. Other than that I’m just wearing a plain tee from AA and s&b jeans (which you can’t really see. But they’re a really nice colour… a light, bright-but-not-too-bright blue). Without the scarf, the rest of the outfit was pretty dull. At first, I didn’t really think the scarf would work but I think it looked okay in the end.


  1. kittentails July 3, 2008

    I think it worked too 🙂

  2. fancy thing July 4, 2008

    thanks kittentails!


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