i hate…

8am lectures

Actually I lie, it was a tutorial. But the trade off for the early start is that I’m home by 1pm… which means I get home in time to watch Wife Swap USA. Win!

Wearing a pretty standard outfit. Consists of my old, altered (used to be bootcut) Just Jeans jeans, AA grey tee and Sportsgirl leather jacket. The scarf is a weird shade of grey – that kind of grey that’s almost a lilac-y colour. I don’t know where it’s from, it’s one of those pieces that just appear, almost magically. Also, check out how scuffed (read: trashed) my shoes are.



  1. Esta July 31, 2008

    did you alter your jeans or did you take them to someone? Would love to know how u did it if it was DIY! I love your jacket. I want one too 🙁

  2. fancy thing July 31, 2008

    ^ I got my mum to teach me how to do it 😀 I would never have attempted if I didn't have an "expert" to guide me through it.

    It basically involved unpicking the side seams to about knee length or just a bit above, cutting the excess denim off (from both inside and outside seams, so it's all even), then sewing them back together again.

    There's fussy stuff too, like making sure to zig-zag the raw edge of the seams to prevent fraying, using the right kind of needle (strong! there may even be such a thing as a denim needle, but don't quote me on this) and a heavy duty thread, and also adjusting the settings on the sewing machine to make it suitable for denim… something about stitch length?

    The main point is that it IS do-able, just depends on your skill level, confidence, patience etc.

    PHEW! Massive reply finished!

  3. Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts July 31, 2008

    Oh boy my ballet flats are SO MUCH WORSE than that!! They actually have a HOLE which leaks water into the shoe when I walk in a puddle.


    Love the outfit, casual and chic.


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