do the jane fonda

Yes, I am listening to the Mickey Avalon song as I type this.
Having recently joined the gym, I’ve been left wondering what counts as ‘stylish’ and suitable gym attire. I usually wear running shorts or leggings and a nondescript top (it is the gym, after all – you’re there to get fit not make a fashion statement). But, oh how I have daydreams of rocking up in fabulous, colourful spandex, crazy leotards and ridiculous legwarmers a la Jane Fonda. So I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to sportswear. Yes, from the hi-cut leotards and legwarmers circa Olivia Newton-John in Physical, to the more casual, sportswear inspired runway collections of recent past. DKNY’s Spring 2007 and Josh Goot’s Spring/Summer 2007/08 collection were the first that came to mind. Also thrown in the mix is Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame and a clipping from an old old issue of Vogue which was the starting point for this whole crazy thing.

Images courtesy of, vogue magazine and google =)

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