black & cream, black & cream

Here I’m wearing one of my favourite summer dresses, purchased at one of those random cheapo asian stores. But since it’s cold and all I had to make it winter-appropriate. Today I felt like parting my fringe in the middle (it’s due for a trim) and it took a bit of getting used to. ALSO somehow I had forgotten that my tripod has extra leg extensions, so for the past I don’t know how many pictures they’ve been taken at roughly hip height, but not today. No, today this picture was taken at SHOULDER HEIGHT! hurrah! and yet it still manages to make my legs looks stumpy. Collective sigh. Damn you black tights, you’re meant to be slimming. Random tangent – I had a brief freak out today as I had thought that I had developed cankles, possibly as a result of my foray into this thing called the gym and working out and doing exercises/weights that may alter the shape of my legs. I’m still undecided as to whether I in fact am developing them, or if it’s all in my head. Anyway, I’m sorry if this is really poorly written, all my writing energy has been poured into a tutorial assignment that requires me to write an interesting “publishable article” about issues for organisational writers. Blah. And now, more importantly, I’m off to watch Spicks and Specks XD


  1. Hannah July 30, 2008

    i can't see any cankles here! go to my blog lovely, THERE you will find cankles. no matter how much exercise i do or how skinny i have ever managed to get, i am destined to have cankles. like mischa…only i don't have cheekbones that can cut glass haha.
    i love this outfit, very cute. i miss being able to dress like this on weekdays *sigh*

  2. Esta July 31, 2008

    nah no cankles and Hannah you don't either!!! You girls are very brave – hate hate hate myself in photos hence why my blog has none of me – i look like a weirdo posing!

  3. fancy thing July 31, 2008

    hannah – definitely no cankles in your blog!

    In hindsight I think the cankle freakout must have just been a combination of weird length leggings, low low cut ankle socks and being in the gym surrounded by mirrors that made me paranoid.

  4. Esta July 31, 2008

    meh gym mirrors make everyone paranoid – I always looks better in my sweats at home 🙂


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