Shoot: Blue Skies & Bougainvilleas

Bougainvillea #1
Bougainvillea #2
It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any film photos developed. I used to regularly drop rolls of film off to get developed at good old Big W but now I’m not even sure if they still have film processing facilities. That’s why I’m so fond of my Instax Mini. The rewards are near instant and there’s no need for a middle man. Plus who can resist the lure of watching your photos develop right before your very eyes? I used to love developing film in the dark room at high school but I wouldn’t know where to start these days. So I guess this is the closest I’ll get for now. I’ve also started up a new Flickr account under sophsthingsI couldn’t change my username on my old one so this will be a bit of a fresh start. If you’re on Flickr, feel free to let me know in the comments so we can follow each other or be friends or whatever it is you do on Flickr!

diy paper pinhole camera

My friend in London sent me this DIY paper pinhole camera kit a few weeks ago, and I’ve only recently gotten around to assembling it. After realising that a plain old glue stick wasn’t going to cut it, despite the camera being made from ‘just paper’, a tube of multigrip glue was purchased to make sure that this camera was going to be super solid. As a camera building novice, I did have some hair-tearing-out moments thanks to a few instructions that were open to interpretation but as you can see I got the job done in the end. All that’s left now is to load it with film and test it out! Anyone got any tips for using a pinhole camera?
For those interested, this DIY camera kit was purchased from Urban Outfitters.

tank magazine: kim’s world

I haven’t posted any editorials in a while, mainly because they all seem to be getting a bit formulaic these days. However, when I saw these photos of Kim Noorda in issue #53 of TANK Magazine, I knew I just had to share. Lo-fi saturated colours, fun fashion, quirky backdrops, and Kim’s natural beauty make for a refreshing shoot. Plus, anything that’s shot on film and features light leaks is a winner in my books. 
TANK Magazine #53
Editorial: Kim’s World
Photography: Viktor Vauthier
Styling: Pandora Leonard

tess of the d’urbervilles

I bought this book for $1 during the post-Christmas sales. It’s taken me this long to get around to reading it. Even then I had to procrastinate and take photos of it instead. I think I’m going to have to collect the rest of the set now too. A whole row of fabric hardcover books – just imagine! Hopefully my luck will repeat itself and I’ll find them all for $1. I don’t like my chances.
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