country road ss2013

Being in Australia, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have some Country Road basics in their wardrobe. The latest Country Road spring/summer collection is an exercise in modern minimalism. Embracing a predominantly neutral colour palette, the collection is a mix of trend-based pieces and well-cut classics. Sharp, structured pieces are offset by feminine, flouncy details. Shot by Paul Wetherall and featuring Iris Van Berne, the campaign taps into popular ladylike and sportswear trends. I spied this campaign last month (I was going to post it earlier but you know stuff and life got in the way) and my immediate reaction was that it was a refreshing direction for Country Road to take this season.

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dappled dreams

Sleep is one of my favourite pastimes. Obviously I’m not of the school of thought that you can always “sleep when you’re dead” because when you’re dead, you can’t wake up and tell everyone about the amazing nap you just had or appreciate the luxury of cloud-like bedding. Duh. Kip & Co have been on my radar for some time now and their latest spring/summer collection, called Dappled Dreams, is chock full of wonderful prints and patterns. The kid’s collection even features pretzel print bedding. PRETZEL PRINTS. GENIUS. In addition to bedding Kip & Co also offer up a range of cushions, rugs, towels, and blankets featuring their signature prints. Kitting out my bed entirely in Kip & Co goods would be an exercise in dropping huge wads of cash that should probably be spent on bills but I’m thinking a pretzel pillowcase or two wouldn’t hurt.

[Images: Kip&Co]

hansel from basel

Hansel From Basel‘s latest spring/summer photo series has been doing the rounds but when they landed in my inbox I just had to post them. They have me so excited for spring and, Hansel From Basel being a brand that specialises in socks and accessories, have also triggered a desire to wear school girl-type socks with all my shoes. Mind you, the last time I wore long socks with shoes was when I was actually in high school. And while they make it look so stylish here I assure you my tartan skirt/white socks/black shoes combo was anything but. With uniform codes now a distant memory, I think it’s safe to start pulling my socks up and putting them on display once more. The large polka dot and houndstooth crew socks are my picks of the bunch.

Photography: Nicholas Haggard
Styling: Hannah Byun
Hair and Makeup: Michelle Lima
Model: Stella
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apiece apart ss13

These images from Apiece Apart’s spring/summer 2013 collection have been around since last year but I’m always late to the party so have just discovered them now. I came across their autumn/winter collection via Honey Kennedy but, seeing as we’ve hardly had what you could call a winter here in Queensland, thought the spring/summer collection might be more appropriate for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s also the added upside of much of this collection now being on sale in their online store or through other stockists. These minimalist monochrome outfits look like they’d go down a treat in our sub-tropical climate. 

[Images: Apiece Apart]

bigeni basics ss13/14

The Bigeni Basics SS13/14 collection will appeal to anyone who likes to think of leopard print as a neutral (i.e. me). And even if you don’t, this collection should convince you otherwise. It’s full of wearable leopard prints, bold spot graphics, and relaxed denim pieces. This collection also shows us that dudes can rock a mean leopard print as well. Until I find a Queensland stockist (apparently there are none?) I’ll be stalking the Gary Bigeni e-shop waiting for this collection to drop. #ALLOFTHELEOPARDPRINT

[Images: Gary Bigeni]
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