dappled dreams

Sleep is one of my favourite pastimes. Obviously I’m not of the school of thought that you can always “sleep when you’re dead” because when you’re dead, you can’t wake up and tell everyone about the amazing nap you just had or appreciate the luxury of cloud-like bedding. Duh. Kip & Co have been on my radar for some time now and their latest spring/summer collection, called Dappled Dreams, is chock full of wonderful prints and patterns. The kid’s collection even features pretzel print bedding. PRETZEL PRINTS. GENIUS. In addition to bedding Kip & Co also offer up a range of cushions, rugs, towels, and blankets featuring their signature prints. Kitting out my bed entirely in Kip & Co goods would be an exercise in dropping huge wads of cash that should probably be spent on bills but I’m thinking a pretzel pillowcase or two wouldn’t hurt.

[Images: Kip&Co]

diy: painted terracotta pots

I bought a whole bunch of new paints a few weeks ago and since then nothing has been safe from my painter’s brush. My latest project involved sprucing up a few tiny terracotta pots. All you need for this DIY is some pots and paints and you’re pretty much good to go. Before painting the pots I coated the rims with gesso to prevent colour from soaking into the terracotta. I also wrapped masking tape underneath the rims to ensure a clean finish. I chose to plant succulents (borrowed/stolen from my mum’s garden) but I also like the idea of planting herbs for an indoor kitchen garden. This is a seriously simple DIY but works wonders for livening up a space. 

decor: prints and patterns

The new year is nearly upon us and in the same vein of resolutions and fresh starts, I tend to use this time to clean out and reassess my decor. Bright, happy colours and fun geometric patterns are what I’m currently being drawn to. If money were no object (sigh), these are a few things I’d spruce up my house with. I like to think that they reflect the sense of optimism that the start of a new year brings. That and they just look pretty damn cool.
Clockwise-ish from top left:

inspiration: interiors

I don’t usually do interior-style posts but I am absolutely loving this space in the home of Parisian designer CĂ©line Saby. Not only are bay windows and French doors my weakness, but so is anything mauve/lilac at the moment (I partially blame the latest Ikea catalogue for this). It looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book or to hang out the balcony, cuppa in hand, and bask in the sunshine. Can I live here please?

Images: Freunde von Freunden